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The importance of the periodic ophthalmological consultation: The visit to the ophthalmology practice must start early in childhood because certain eye conditions do not particularly draw the patients’ attention, but they can, however, have major consequences on the vision development.
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WEST EYE HOSPITAL, the first private ophthalmology hospital in Romania, opens in Bucharest on October 29, 2010. WEST EYE HOSPITAL is the first hospital in Romania using the customised iLASIK treatment - a technology also used by NASA!
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Please express your opinion freely regarding our services and staff. We wish to constantly improve our services and answer the needs of our Patients, therefore, your opinion is important and it matters to us.
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Working hours

  • MONDAY-FRIDAY 8.00-20.00

  • SATURDAY 9.00-14.00


Medical centre with state-of-the-art equipment, some of which being unique in Romania. 

Here are conducted consultations, complex investigations, treatments and various operations for eye diseases of all kinds.


Bucharest Health Insurance Fund Settlement

WEST EYE HOSPITAL has a contract with the Health Insurance Fund.

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  • Congratulations for having Dr. Stefaniu Ioan in your team! It is an exceptional and generous physician, to whom I wholeheartedly wish all the best. He diagnosed me with glaucoma...

    Stan Alexandra Gabriela


  • I was diagnosed with myopia and astigmatism since I was 7 years old. I had heard about operations that could correct these problems, but not all information received was positive and encouraging...

    Ionut Cirjan


  • My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 1 year and 8 months with strabismus, which is when I started looking for a paediatric ophthalmologist who, unfortunately, is not to be found everywhere. As I’m from Calarasi, I had to start my search in Bucharest and so I found Mrs Andrei...

    Ioana Rizea


  • I recommend West Eye to those who are looking for experienced ophthalmologists and state of the art medical equipment. I was operated by iLASIK procedure to have my astigmatism corrected few weeks ago. Doctors who handled my case told me that after the operation...

    Daniel Negrescu


Dr. Stefaniu Ioan

Senior Primary Care Physician,
Ophthalmologist, PhD in Medical Sciences

Dr. Ardelean Simona

Ophthalmologist Specialist

Dr. Simion Mihaela

Senior Primary Care Physician,

Dr. Stanescu Diana

Senior Primary Care Physician,